Class dates can be viewed here.

Stitch & Knit w/ Patty               4 weeks $50
Tuesday:         10am–1pm or 2pm–5pm or 6pm–9pm

Stitch & Knit w/ Patty               6 weeks $50
Monday:         7pm–9pm
Wednesday:   1pm–3pm or 4pm–6pm or 7pm–9pm
Thursday:       7pm–9pm

Knit & Stitch w/ Pam                6 weeks $50
Monday:         10am–12pm or 1pm–3pm
Wednesday:   10am–12pm or 1pm–3pm or 6pm–8pm

Knit & Crochet w/ Sandy C.   6 weeks $50
Tuesday:         10am–12pm or 1pm–3pm or 4pm–6pm
Thursday:       10am–12pm

Knit & Crochet w/ Irene          6 weeks $50
Monday:         7pm–9pm
Thursday:       1pm–3pm

Knit & Crochet w/ Martina    6 weeks $50
Tuesday:         7pm–9pm
Wednesday:   7pm–9pm
Thursday:       7pm– 9pm

Knit w/ Sandy O.                         6 weeks $50
Monday:         6pm–8pm
Tuesday:         6pm–8pm, 7pm-9pm
Wednesday:   10am–12pm  or 1pm–3pm
Saturday:        10am–12pm

Kids Knit w/ Patty                      6 weeks $25
Monday:         5pm–6pm  or 6pm–7pm

Private lesson & consultations are always available.

In consideration of your fellow students, please refrain from using perfume or scented lotions.