10 yards a day Clue 7

Clue 7 is bringing it to life!

I love the pattern that is starting to show, it’s turning into something that is more and more exciting to work on. This diamond shape is starting to come out and I’m really looking forward to the next Clue.


With working on this project I never introduced who I was and what drew me to this. My name is Kelli and I’ve been working for Crafty Lady Trio going on 5 years, it seems like just yesterday I was taking classes with Martina and Patty. Now I call them family along with the other amazing staff. I have been crocheting now for 15 years and knitting for 6 years and loving it! I’m always looking forward to new and different projects to help keep my knitting a.d.d in line by allowing me to complete one clue every couple of days.. If your new to KAL this is a great project to start..

Hope to get you hooked as much I am.img_7663